Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Wild Wild Wales Part Tres: "Wild West Murder Mystery "

Howdy Ya'll!

My name's Minnie Money and I will be your narrator for the evening. I was witness to the unfortunate events that took place at the Poker tournament in the youth hostel in Wales-I MEAN the saloon in Deadwood.

The night started out with a gathering of strangers for a post tournament meal (the tournament was just part of the story and never actually took place). We had fantastic fajitas with tons of fixins. Everyone pitched in to help make the lovely meal and everyone pitched in to devour it after we were costumed up.

After we stuffed ourselves silly, we were all given name tags with our character's name on it. As you can see, I didn't have a place for mine so I had to improvise. We were also given $500 of fake money. i didn't have a place for that either so I used the paper clip that was holding it together to attach it to my dress. That is what you see poking out. This dress was bought for a formal dinner I attended with Phil where he (among others) were honored for having been at Games Workshop for ten years. I was excited when I found out I could wear it again for a murder mystery party!

So anyway, we were also given envelopes with our objectives. Inside was a piece of paper telling us what we were to achieve and possibly whether we were the murderer or not. The objectives were simple enough. One of mine was to tell my "Dad" Montgomery Money (who was played by a woman and can be seen here) that I missed him while he was away in Tennessee. Another of my objections was to let Mitch Maverick (Phil's Character) that it was over between us because I saw Holly Hickok coming out of his room the night before. I had a lot of fun pretending to be mad at him while winking at him across the table.

We had about half an hour to go around and accomplish all of our objectives. Actually I think it was more like an hour but everyone was drinking so nobody noticed. All of the sudden we hear a pop (coming from one of the many party poppers placed around the table) and found out that Mitch Maverick was murdered!!

This Picture doesn't show his death, but it does show Phil in full costume. I found him the tie at a costume shop :-)

After Phil's character was killed, he had to assume the new character of Federal marshal Dalton assigned to find the murderer and the rest of us got new envelopes with new objectives. One of mine was to accuse Mitch's gambling partner Clay of the murder. That was fun. After another hour of running around trying to find the murderer before anyone else did, we were all asked to vote on who we thought it was. We also voted on best dressed and best acting. This guy (so sorry I forgot his name) won best acting although he kept doing Columbo impressions which in my opinion broke character but he was so funny, nobody cared. Here he is asking Phil if he did the 'Moider'.

In the end is was my very own 'Pa who killed Mitch over a business deal gone bad. Who woulda thunk it?

That wraps up our Wild Wild Wales experience. I will leave you with these last two shots. One of us leaving the next morning. That's Clara flashing the rock on from the other side of the car. It just highlights the amazing time we had.

The other is the last shot of the ocean that I took from the car as we drove away. If it wasn't for the reflection in the window and the early spring cool weather you would think it was the perfect summer day.

Well, thank you all for reading and you come back no, ya hear? (Too much? Even though I can't stand clich├Ęs, I just couldn't resist)

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