Sunday, 7 July 2013

More New House Pics Part 1.

Granted, our house is no longer new, having lived here for 10 months, but I'm hoping it's new to some of you and you will still enjoy seeing it. This is what our house looked like right before we moved in.

Phil with the view that made us buy the house (the pictures on the window sill were the first things we moved in, to make it feel like home):

Our living room (the picture was hung by the estate agents and was taken back):

Our cozy kitchen:

The pantry under the stairs:

I know it looks a little creepy with all the wires and what looks like damage at the bottom but I assure you its safe!

Here is our lovely dinning room (we have a dinning room!) with a not so lovely 1970s looking gas heater thing. We plan on replacing this someday. In the meantime, we will certainly be warm! 

Last but not least for the first floor is our stairway (with my mother's Welcome Home cross stitch resting on the bottom step), coat closet, and what I call our Alice in Wonderland cupboard under the stair: 

Well, that's it for the first floor. In an effort to not bombard you with pictures, I'm going to leave the garden for later. You've already seen the bedroom but unfortunately, I didn't take "before" pictures of the spare room and Phil's office. I guess I was a little anxious to start on the after. Can you blame me? 

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